Friday, 25 September 2015

Rugby World Cup Fixtures

Have you been watching the Rugby World Cup? Since the Opening Ceremony last week, the nation has been watching eagerly as the initial games get underway. The underdogs have shown the other nations that they are ready to compete and they have fared well against some of the heavy weight countries. Thank goodness we are only one week in and there are 5 more weeks of rugby! 
To help you navigate your way around the Rugby World Cup 2015 we've found this great fixtures listing. 

To check out the full size image click on the link here.

Come on England!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

5 things you should know about Oktoberfest

As we prepare to celebrate Oktoberfest Munich 2015 we’ve rounded up five facts everyone should know about the event.

1) It is not a beer festival. It started as the celebration of the marriage of Crown King Ludwig and Queen Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in October 1810 and is now a celebration of their anniversary.
2) It doesn’t start in October – Oktoberfest starts on Saturday 19th September when the Mayor of Munich cracks open the first keg and runs to 4th October. That’s 16 days of beer drinking but who’s counting?
3) Oktoberfest doesn’t serve beer- instead they serve ‘bier’ (nearly 7m litres) brewed especially for the event by six local breweries all within the Munich city limits.
4) Paris Hilton is banned from Oktoberfest – The American socialite arrived in 2006 to promote a brand of canned wine and after a drunken outrage and offensive outfit she was banned.
5) No need for tinder – Depending on which side the apron is tied on the ladies’ dirndl, signals whether you are single. If the bow is on the left side of the apron it means single and ready to mingle.
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